Plague Winds

06.08.14 Session

The Search for Esa in Sharn

Ceviche joined the party in Wroat.

Morgrave University
Weiland and Morian went to Morgrave University and spoke with Prof Weist who provided them with the following information:

  • It is believed that the plague originated in the city of Metrol, capital of Cyre.
  • There is a cure for the plague that requires two 7th level cleric spells. A lack of high level clerics has prevented widespread implementation of this cure.
  • The Triad, a group of powerful wizards, have been seeking ebony dragon shards for an unknown purpose.

Martra sent party to Sharn to look for Esa.

Tower of Glass in Sharn
Esa had been seen leaving the eastern side of a tower of glass multiple times. The tower is located in the area of Sharn which will become slums in the campaign’s original timeline after it falls. The party proceeded to an alley on the eastern side of the tower and found a spiral staircase descending into a small room. Within the room lurked a roper which was slain by the party forthwith.

(No time to finish this now. I’ll add the rest later.)



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